Thursday, 3 April 2014

Forgotten Nightmares: A tribute to Amnesia The Dark Descent

 By Owen Jones (Amnesiac)

Let me tell you a story.
No, that’s not quite right. I’ll try again.
Let me tell you about a story.
There, that’s better. Now, shall we begin?

The story, like many stories before it, is a tragedy. It tells the story of a man named Daniel. Daniel’s story is a dark one. One that is best told late into the night, when all is dark and all are blind.
It is a tale of terror.
It is a tale of vengeance.
It is a tale of damnation.

But this story is not content for you to watch Daniel’s story unfold, oh no. You too must experience his terror, his anger, his confusion. And as you and Daniel descent into the darkness, that which separates you from him becomes obsolete and for a while you shall become Daniel.
Become his terror.
Become his anger.
Become his fear.
And upon waking from this twisted dream Daniel shall become you, and shall know what it means to experience true fear.

The details of this half-forgotten nightmare elude me, but I remember darkness. Though at first I feared the darkness I came to depend on it for my survival. But be warned, for though the darkness creates safety for the body it offers no comfort to the mind. It is in the dark that all becomes menacing, and fear takes hold.
And they can smell it. They can smell your fear.
And then they come looking for you.

What do they look like? Well, you’ll know them when you see them. My mind refuses to remember, refuses to even to look. All I can see are their mouths.
Oh god, their mouths.
Just don’t look. If the come looking then don’t let them see. And whatever you do, don’t go looking for them.
Besides, they’ll find you soon enough. They always do. They’ll find you and all you can do is hide.
Just don’t look. If you look you’re dead. If you look they’ll smell your fear.
Just don’t look. Don’t look at their mouths.
Oh god, their mouths.

But I’m afraid I must go. He’s calling me again, Daniel. He’s calling me back for another nightmare. Perhaps if I hadn’t looked, hadn’t seen those mouths it might be a different story, but how can I run from that which I fear the most?
Because once you’re afraid you have to look. Once you’re afraid you have to go back, back to the realm of the forgotten nightmares.
Now where was I? Ah yes, there was a house. I believe it was my father's...

Amnesia: The Dark Descent can be bought and played through Steam, GOG or whatever online gaming retailer you prefer. Frictional Games have a website as well as an excellent blog you should check out.
 You can also follow me as I play through Custom Stories and give my thoughts on this very blog. Additionally if you have made a Custom Story or know of a really good one I’d love to play it (or any mod/Indie game for that matter). 
Until then, sweet dreams.